Food Luvers! :D

hey guys, im salma walji and welcome to my blog!, this is something about foodluvers(including me ;D AS IM ALSO ONE!) so hope u guys enjoy…

most of us,just love food,like…alot we just love that divine taste of a burger where the cheese that`s melted dripping,and the fresh cut salad dressing,and the spicy taste of pani puri and many other fast foods, and deserts, chocolates and jellies yum! ;).like we just love all types of food and sometimes,through the thought of food we remember great little things that were very beautiful times for i remember my great grandmother, as when we went out for shopping,we stopped our a fast food restruanant,because of the rain that had we ordered some pocoras(an indian type of food)which was actually what is great to eat in a rainyday.since it makes the time much more enjoyable,we talked about many things and laughed over some stupid things,well had a great time,which now turns out to be one of my most special  memories i spent with her…u gotta enjoy the little things,because when u go ahead in life, they turn out to be big things…so food luvers! try some hot pocoras in a rainy season!,they`re delicious!! 

from Salma walji 🙂


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  1. so what do u guys think? comment on it below! and share ur ideas too! 😀

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    1. thanks i know, right? 😀


    2. shery says:

      wow….all this talk of food is making me hungry…:D

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  2. shery says:

    yea ….what should i do now?!….its hard to control ;D…as i do love burgers alot! 😀


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