Friends Who Fake It

in our lives,we come across such friends,who turn out to be only selfish,rude and self-obsessed,like they just love the idea,to play around with other people`s hearts…and use them for their own dirty work,and when we try to stand for ourselves, they turn us down and expect us to run after them all the time for their little things.friends like that,are not friends,but a big hypocrite….users of those who believe in true friendship.(which i don`t believe u should give up in!,u may be the lucky one to find one!)its just us should keep a watchful eye in these types of friends,because these type of friends will only find a way to hurt u instead of being a friend to .use u…instead to treat u equally as he/she which ur suppose to be treated as.these type of friends will never understand us types,and never the best way to stop friends who fake it NEVER COMPROMISE 3 THINGS:




and avoid these  type of friends  bc these type of friends are only hurtful hypocrites!.

and if u have any issues u could share them by righting down in the comment box what u think..

from salma 🙂


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  1. shery says:

    so true…

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