many of us, might be going through a rough time dealing with bullies, right?, like they “SENIORS” just barge in the line made to buy our stuff from the canteen, try to blackmail us and take or money, like even some who just kick your back and step on it, throw your stuff and force you to do their homework and like others, who humiliate us in the worst way as possible and leave us scared for life!…well not anymore…we cant bear these type of things anymore, so the best solution to this is to get them exposed, yup, that’s the ONLY WAY TO GET THEM TO STOP, here`s a solution to this problem which I invented, 😉 , well for those who have been treated like dirt: if u guys have any teacher anywhere around some place like close to where u can go to then when your bully is heading your way, you just make a run for it to the teacher, making sure your bully`s behind you, once u reach there tell everything to the teacher saying that to talk to you first on the case to let her know what problem u have, then bring up the witness who had seen that happen with you to the teacher in private (so that he/she doesn`t freak out looking at the bully, then done! J, if any problems u have regarding this idea comment below, now for those who have been humiliated by these cold-hearted ones: the one and only advice that u might have heard a hundred times, which is the only way, is that you have to be strong and show them that one day they are going to pay for this for sure…and try to be happy and show that none of this is going to bring you down, do comment below guys!


                                From: salma  


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