Brothers are the ones who try to make us smile…make us laugh when we`re near to cry…

many of us have fights with our brothers,over many stupid things,like for the TV remote,or for the phone, or over the computer…but we all have to make a confession…we still never stop caring for each other..my brother and i,whenever get into a fight, we start not talking to each other for like 5 minutes,or for 3/4 hours  MAX.then we`re back toghter again talking normally and helping each other in any matter,we cant stand not talking to each other for more than 3/4 hours,because we love the idea of talking over somethings of our taste or  helping each other out which is super effective,its how we spend time enjoying with  each other.the most main thing about brothers is, that they also try hard to make smile when we`re upset.they try doing something to cheer us up,like doing something stupid (like thats what my brother does)or give us a big hug, or talk to us about it to make us feel better…brothers are one of the most extrodinary people.one of the most loving people.like my brother….and I LOVE HIM SOO MUCH! 🙂

from salma 🙂


3 Comments Add yours

  1. do share too about ur brother! 🙂


  2. shery says:

    Very nicely written… 🙂


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