people who work hard for a living,are the ones who are the most respected people,to me, a person who works hard for he/she`s family or his/herself, is neverless respected then any higher class business man, and  is the one who is the most happiest person in the whole world.

>who does not have to be dependent on anyone. 

>who`d work hard on something they love to do.

>who`d eat and wear those clothes which they have bought from the money they have earned from their hardwork.

“people who work very hard on something never leave without a reward for all they have worked hard for”

for that is what Allah(s.w.t) has said

even a student who works hard in their studies is rewarded with a good report….

people who do not work hard on anything…never stay happy instead…

they become helpless….




so never give up to achieve a dream…and always give a chance to others to work hard and rise to be a successful,neverless respectful and happy man or women…


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