one day,our class teacher, gave us our letters requesting our parents to let us go for a trip to shamsi farm house.Its a water park and a farm house  somewhere alittle ahead from karachi airport.My friends and i were pretty excited that finally our school is letting us to go on trip somewhere for fun.So when i got home, i asked my mum if i could go because i wanted a break from the final exam stress,so when she agreed i rushed to get a pencil and my notebook to write down the things i needed for the trip.So in the checklist it was written:

>”1 family pack masala lays”(bc my friends are gonna have some too)

>”1 bottle of coka cola”

>”a pair of slippers(must not forget!)”

>”a rollz chewing gum”

>”extra clothing”

>”a towel”

>”a comb”

Trip was on teusday and i still had two more days to go.I was so excited,i mean we`ll be swimming,going on slides maybe,singing in the bus all the way,talking and clapping! :).Just the night before the trip,i was thinking about if i`ve not forgotten anything,and what if we`re not going to swim?,bc it wouldn`t be any fun at all,since our school is very strict,they`re unpredictable.Finally when it was the day,i got up early at 5:00pm excited!,prayed namaz when it was time,then got ready faster for the trip!.When my mom woke up, she was surprised and looking at me concerned that i didnt sleep well last night for sure ;),(which i didn`t!,so excited!).Just after breakfast and everything we got downstairs and i got into my van and went to school.When i got to school, i met my best friends and we started talking about the place, what we`re gonna do this and that,have we brought our stuff for the party we`re gonna do in the bus and more!.After that when the bell rung to make our lines,our headmistress of the secondary section,said,”salam” and the whole secondary section replied,”wsalam”.Then she said,”before the girls go to the buses,i`d like to announce that if i caught any girl singing,shouting or bringing a phone or camera will not go for the trip and will stay here in the school”.When us all girls heard that,some of us started  wisphering to each other,”now what are we going to do?!”,another said,”it`ll be no fun”,but when we got into our buses a girl named maryam in our bus brought her USB and gave it to our favourite subject teacher to play music,so when the buses went out of the school our teacher opened the music.It was so much fun!,all our friends,classmates were singing and enjoying  the weather,it was cool.Except the girls in the other bus who had the head mistress there! ;D.Finally when we got there,my friends and i  were relieved to see a pool with a slide so just after, went to the rooms as fast as we could to change our clothes into our other clothes for swimming because we didn`t want to get stuck in the rush for the bathroom since there were only 2 bathrooms!.So when all of us were ready we missed breakfast which our school was giving there.They were serving ” halwa puri”,then after some time “chana and chapati”(indian food),so we had some and rushed to the pool side.just as my friends were heading to the pool,i went to the slide which was soooo high and sat down and down below i go and splash!.It was AWESOME!.We kept on swimming and doing all kinds of stupid stuff challenging each other on a race….Then when we had to come out for lunch,my friends and i first changed to our school clothes and went to the uncle serving biryani,yum!.We had biryani and started playing cricket on the big,wide,ground with other girls and walk around the place talking,and i saw a peacock,for the first time in my life.It was beautiful.Then we headed back to school,singing along the way and then home.

it was the best day of my life<3

really enjoyed it!



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  1. kumail says:

    Very interesting….
    It looks like u had a great day 🙂


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