“The Last Day”

It was not long,until everyone started to realize that this year`s ending,and our time has come to say goodbye to our fellow friends,and close friends….because the next year no one knows,if we`ll ever meet each other in the same class again…because after every year the teachers shuffle the 4 sections of each class.

I really hated this thing the teachers do,i mean everyone is happy with their friends with them…and that is just separating 2 best friends from each other…but what can we do…

So when it was the last day,my friends and i decided we should try to enjoy time togheter one last time in class and hope that we all get togheter next year too.So we took out all our money and bought 7packets of pokemon,7ice-creams(jet),7aloo rolls and seven yums(chewy,sweet,tiny,balls).They were seven of us,so we bought 7 everything ;),and kept it on the groundarrangedlike appetizers then main course and then desert: D XD.We had a great time…just after eating we started playing childish games like “ice and water,chocolate chocolate etc”…we felt as if werein 5TH grade again! : D…we had a great time…and then in the end when we had to go home,we took each other`s numbers so that in the summer holidays we could stay in touch and we still are. 🙂

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  1. so what about u guys?…


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