I went on this big adventure 6 years ago,with my family..in my summer vacations.We lived in kenya before at that time.So after a few days,we decided to go on a long safari somewhere, so my dad booked our rooms in the hotels we were gonna go to,and after that we started to pack our stuff for the long safari that was to be on wednesday(after tomorrow).

So when it was the day ,we all got in the car and started driving towards the capital(Nairobi),Nairobi is a very cold place its like somebody turned on the air conditioner at the lowest freezing point they can be there,and everywhere we go there`s that turned on 24 hrs.So on the way to Nairobi we stopped at Voi which is a  place b/w Nairobi and Mombasa(where we lived).

So when we moved further ahead,from hot,it was becoming warm.From warm it was becoming cool.From cool it was becoming cold..So when we finally got there wegot stuck in trafffic because in Nairobi theres alot of traffic.We were stuck for 2,3 hours then finally made it out and went to a hotel.When ever i went to a hotel i would always make that kind of impression as if im in a hotel for the first time in my whole life XD…i was a crazy gal before.So then just after we settled down and had some rest,we went out to the dining room and ate then the next day went out to continue the trip…we went alittle further from Nairobi to a place called “MOUNTAIN LODGE”.It was a hotel made of green bamboo sticks from the outside and everywhere around it was a jungle,so technically we were in the middle of a jungle.it looked like this:

Just when i got into my room i saw a glass window showing the other side of the place,there was a pond and some type of flamigo was there getting fish.I saw a hot tub,a cupboard with hangers and a TV infront of us hanging upside.it wasn`t so bad.Sonext morning,we went to the dining room and i saw such a long table with all kinds of food for breakfast..yum!:))…so i ate alot of cornflakes,witterbix and oats hahaha :D,and after breakfast mom and dad said we`re going to the 5th floor which was the top floor,after hearing that my brother and i challenged each other to whoever makes it to the top floor is the fastest so when i made it a monkey looking like a baboon stared at me and  my brother behind me and came 2 steps closer…we got scared and started running like an old calvary charge shouting,”baboons!,they`re coming to attack us all!!! run for ur lives!!”. 😀 XD…. as we made it downstairs to mom and dad they said,”what`s wrong?!”. “hey`re baboons chasin us!”my brother shouted,and mom replied,”u sure?”.I said,”yes!, go and u`ll see its there”.so when we took the courage to go back we saw nothin was there..then we started to search the place,untill we saw one out there:

i called mom and she said,”oh okay…dont hit it ok,either it will hurt u,just look from here,..let me take a picture..”.

to be continued…



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  1. what do u guys think? till here?


  2. Amy says:

    Wow very cool experience.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep just wait until I tell u what happened next.. :), by the way sorry I was away for so long cause I wasn’t able to come bc of exam tension and stuff well now I’m off to my next class 🙂


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